Wednesday, April 29, 2015


APRIL PAD DAY 27, 2015

Today's prompt is to write a looking back poem.


These old hand were once
soft and smooth 
these old hands were once small
sweaty and dirty
as they held a ladybug
perched on the tip of a little finger
they once hugged a daddy's neck, 
made mud pies for him to taste
they wiped away tears
clapped with glee
held a crayon
then a pencil, then a pen
they trembled as they wrote
their first love note
were glorious with brightly
polished nails and silver rings
they curled and combed willful hair
nervously smoothed a new dress
before a first date
joined another's at the altar
were deft as they sewed a fine seam
these hands cradled babies
changed countless diapers
wiped away tears and hurts
held aging parents 
cradled them close
while memories faded
now these hands are knarled
and twisted with age
younger hands now soothe
this brow and hold me close
while I cling to memories
lest they fade away

J Kuykendall

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