Sunday, April 12, 2015


April PAD Day 12, 2014

Today's prompt is write a damage poem.


Momma left when I was two
and I never really knew
why she left us three
Poppa, my brother and me

Poppa never said a word
but somehow I overheard
about why she went away
the story of why she didn't stay

Momma didn't want to be tied down
didn't want to live in a small town
two children and a husband
wasn't the life she had bargained

These and more words were said
after I was safely tucked in bed
she just couldn't stand to be mother
and worse, she didn't want another

She was too young they would sigh
and they agreed, no one could deny
another baby wasn't in the plan
and this was surely the reason she ran

but, Momma never did return
and it was hard for me to learn
I was the reason Poppa was cheated
and finally died a man defeated

Now I am twenty and three
and the one I love just left me
and I am left to wonder why
Everyone I love says goodbye

Momma left because of me
Left Poppa, my brother and me

J Kukendall

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