Thursday, April 16, 2015


April PAD Day 14, 2015

The prompt for today is write an honest or dishonest poem.


You told me you could lasso the moon
and bring it down to earth
so I could keep moon beams in a jar 
You told me unicorns were magical 
and could carry me up to the Milky Way
where I could dance among the stars
You told me the trees and wind 
whispered secrets to each other
and if I listened I could hear
You told me fairies lived in moss houses
and danced at night to the tunes
crickets played on their violin legs
You told me Santa Claus, the tooth fairy
and the Easter bunny were real
You held my hand told me you loved me 
more than all the stars that fill the sky
You crossed your heart and told me
that you would never,ever leave me
Then, you went far away 
to fight a war in a foreign land
You kissed me and told me not to cry
You told me you would come back soon
But you lied, they told me you died
Now all I have left are these words 
these empty words you told to me.

J Kuykendall

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