Thursday, April 6, 2017



It's lonely at the top
The only ones who managed to hang on
rode with spurs dug in
I was too kind for spurs
I took the longer, gentler slope
While others rode straight up
But the uppermost top
was a slippery slope
and only the ones with claws
could hang on
and I was to timid for claws.

Janice Kuykendall

Thursday, March 31, 2016



The orange and yellow hues of morning sunrise
The sweet rubs and purring of my ginger cat
The smell of dark, rich coffee brewing
The ticking of the old clock on the wall
The soft whirr of the refrigerator
The strange absence of traffic noise
The scratching of my pencil on paper
The calling caw of a single bird
The morning air, cool and fresh on my cheek
These things start my new day

                             Janice Kuykendall March 2016

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday Morning Musings

Saturday Morning Musings

Has it been two years
Almost twenty-four months
Since you left me in tears
My heart aches and wants
to hold and have you near
But I know that I can't
For you need your wings
and I need to grow and let go

J. Kuykendall 02/2016

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


APRIL PAD DAY 28, 2015

Today's prompt is to write a poem about matter or anti-matter.


Moonlight discloses her
Pale and white
she sits astride a unicorn
her long, silver hair glows
with an ethereal light
her lips the color of pomegranates
lush and full 
her gown drapes down
in folds to her waist
a silver coronet, twisted and curved
encircles her head
slippers made of rose petals
peek from beneath her flowing gown
in one hand she holds a gilded cage
on the other sits a white dove 
beside her flows a silver spring
the pale moon floats on it's surface 
white flowers, their petals unfolding
open in the silver moonlight
emerging from soft slumber 
dreams fade away, reality paints the day
her phantom image slips away

J Kuykendall


APRIL PAD DAY 27, 2015

Today's prompt is to write a looking back poem.


These old hand were once
soft and smooth 
these old hands were once small
sweaty and dirty
as they held a ladybug
perched on the tip of a little finger
they once hugged a daddy's neck, 
made mud pies for him to taste
they wiped away tears
clapped with glee
held a crayon
then a pencil, then a pen
they trembled as they wrote
their first love note
were glorious with brightly
polished nails and silver rings
they curled and combed willful hair
nervously smoothed a new dress
before a first date
joined another's at the altar
were deft as they sewed a fine seam
these hands cradled babies
changed countless diapers
wiped away tears and hurts
held aging parents 
cradled them close
while memories faded
now these hands are knarled
and twisted with age
younger hands now soothe
this brow and hold me close
while I cling to memories
lest they fade away

J Kuykendall


APRIL PAD DAY 26, 2015

For today’s prompt, take a word or two invented by William Shakespeare, make it the title of your poem, and write your poem. 


A tiny fur-ball
I found him beside the road
didn't think he'd live
but he surprised me 
and grew to be one seventy
pounds that is, weighed more than me
he turned out to be
practically, almost, absolutely, untrainable
named him Bandit
bought him a bed
that's where the cat sleeps
he prefers the couch 
he farts, gets up and leaves the room
he digs holes, big ones
dug one under the fence
took a short vacation over at the dog pound
not even a guilty look on his mug on the ride home
sat in the car seat with his head out the window
ears blowing in the wind, just as pleased as punch
he barks at the neighbors cat,  digs in the trash
tore up my bed pillow, all over the house
ate a whole pizza he stole off the counter
threw it up on the living room rug
but he also warms my feet on cold nights
sleeps beside me when I am sick
never gets angry or calls me names
doesn't hold a grudge, or slam the door
never leaves in the middle of my story
never points out my faults
thinks I am the greatest person on earth
meets me at the door every evening
what more could you ask for in a best friend!

J Kuykendall


APRIL PAD DAY 25, 2015

Today's prompt is to write an Across the sea poem.

You went across the sea
wait for my return 
empty promises
you never meant to keep 
scattered across the heavens,
tears like diamonds 
fragile glass stars
fell to earth, swallowed
by the hungry ocean
 angry tides 
picked them up 
hurled them upon the lonely beach
our love that you swore was forever
is nothing more than
crystal sand upon the shore