Sunday, April 12, 2015


April PAD Day 11, 2015

Today's prompt is write a seasonal poem.

I am as a young maiden
dressed in verdant green
swelling with birdsong
carried on a gentle breeze
You open your windows,
throw open the doors
and welcome me step in
you inhale my breath, like 
intoxicating perfume
I am the soft rays of sunlight 
the tender fingers of morn
I am fertile green shoots
the swelling pregnant buds
the harbinger of new life
my colors strain in joy
against the slumbering
old southernwood clothed 
his drab brown garments


I am neither young nor old
my garment, red and gold 
bursting forth from the seared
breath of hot-blooded youth
my rich mantle, aflame 
with riotous, wanton glory
I have grown wise, a sage
you inhale my breath
the sharp bite of a crisp apple
I am the bursting orange pumpkins
the wine of plump grape days
the flaming sunset that hearkens
the last crimson flush of youth
my golden days trickle down
like sand through you fingers
I prepare for a long sleep
as the chill breath of decline
blows across my brow

J Kuykendall

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