Tuesday, April 21, 2015


April Pad Day 16, 2015

Today's prompt is write a science poem.

Astronomy is the branch of science that has always fascinated me.

A million stars fill the sky
above the New Mexico mountains
wrapped in a red Navajo blanket
I stand on the porch of my cabin
my breath steaming the air
head tilted toward the stars
The constellations of the Milky way
spread out like diamonds
There he is, my great hunter, Orion
son of the great  god, Poseidon
Betelgeuse, his right shoulder
Bellatrix, his left, 
Rigel, his left foot,
Saiph, his right 
and Mintaka, the westernmost
of the three stars of Orion's belt.
I know I will not see Scorpius, 
for they are never seen 
in the sky at the same time
my mind is filled with wonder
spilling over with delight
of the celestial show 
that fills the sky each night

J Kuykendall

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