Wednesday, April 29, 2015


APRIL PAD DAY 28, 2015

Today's prompt is to write a poem about matter or anti-matter.


Moonlight discloses her
Pale and white
she sits astride a unicorn
her long, silver hair glows
with an ethereal light
her lips the color of pomegranates
lush and full 
her gown drapes down
in folds to her waist
a silver coronet, twisted and curved
encircles her head
slippers made of rose petals
peek from beneath her flowing gown
in one hand she holds a gilded cage
on the other sits a white dove 
beside her flows a silver spring
the pale moon floats on it's surface 
white flowers, their petals unfolding
open in the silver moonlight
emerging from soft slumber 
dreams fade away, reality paints the day
her phantom image slips away

J Kuykendall

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