Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day Thirteen - April PAD

I mean no disrespect to one of my favorite poets, Edgar Allen Poe. I just thought it might be fun to lighten up this prompt and pay homage to the master of macabre. It is a poor attempt at best, but I had fun with it.


Once upon a night most weary,I contemplated, 
tired and bleary
over many a thumbed and dog eared volume of 
forbidden lore
While I dozed, nearly slumping, 
suddenly there came a thumping
as of someone loudly knocking,  
knocking on my bedroom door
It's only father, I grumbled, here to implore
It'll be that and probably more

Yes, I remember it was a sad, 
cold November
And I knew in my very marrow, 
what I had put off until tomorrow
the lessons I had failed to follow
would now bring me great sorrow
For, sadly I was about to walk 
the straight and narrow
I had no options to explore
It'll be that and probably more

But each angry curse, 
brought on hysterical mirth
as silly images of his mad 
and blustering visage
Rattled and danced across 
my brain most addled
So now to broker my wild 
and maniacal laughter
I did something I will regret ever after
I looked my father in the eye and ask him why

He sputtered at my absurd gumption 
to utter such a presumption 
I really had him railing 
about my latest, dismal failing
If had I only studied harder, 
I might be a just little smarter
and with a a parting bash
he yelled, get rid of the trash
before we come to an impasse
and nobody likes a wise ass 
I'm that and probably more

Janice Kuykendall
April 13, 2012

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