Monday, April 9, 2012

Day Nine - April PAD

We sat in the shade that day
you and I, heat rose from the sidewalk
and I gave you the last of my water
you panted, I stroked your matted fur
you licked the sweet candy smears
from my dirty, sticky fingers
I tucked my knobby knees under my dress
and you laid your head in my lap
We sat in the shade you and I
a cool breeze lifted a wisp of my hair
I brushed it back and wiped a tear
from my grimy cheek
You looked at me with soulful eyes
that begged me to take you home
And I knew I would, 
because you must have lost someone
just like me 
and I knew that daddy
wouldn't say no that day
that day that had started like any other
with daddy and momma hardly speaking
he called me from the house
and we sat in the shade in the front yard
while momma packed a suitcase
climbed into the waiting car
and drove away with one last glance
at daddy and I sitting in the shade

Janice Kuykendall
April 9, 2012

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