Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day Fourteen - April PAD

The night was innocent
And ripe with promise
He showered and shaved,
put on his best dress shirt
Placing his hat carefully
on his freshly combed hair
he lowered his head 
and gave the old mirror
his most beguiling look
His fingers slid round the brim
and snapped the tip
then he stepped out 
into the balmy night air
The old pick-up sputtered to life
He could already hear the music
the remembered notes 
She'd be there tonight
It was over, the final decree
that said she was blissfully free
He waited for and hour
that rolled into two, then three
fear tore at his heart
sweat broke out on his brow
he remembered the rage,
helpless as he held her hand
while she told of abuse
fear pushed him to the door
the night was dark and starless
as he raced the silent street
red lights had no meaning
he smoked his tires to a stop
the ring of the pistol shot
stopped him cold 
but the terrified scream
melted his frozen muscles
she stood over him, gun in hand
he lay in a pool of red 
to save her from the awful shame
he gladly took the blame
dressed demurely,she came to the trial
laid her hand on the bible,
and swore an oath 
but the teary story she swore was true 
sealed his doom and broke his heart 
she looked his way as she stood
a tear ran down on her cheek
but the truth was in her eyes 
he would pay with his life
for the woman he loved 
and wanted for his wife
Janice Kuykendall
April 14, 2012

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