Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day Seven - April PAD

You turn your head 
I can see by the thin slash of your mouth
and the tiny furrow between your brows
that you are angry
you try to hide it from me 
with a thin smile that doesn't reach your eyes
my mouth opens, but
I am arrested by a slight shake of your head
my hands drop to my sides
a soft sigh, my shoulders deflate 
you carefully lay your book on the table
a gesture of tight control
and I know you are fighting hard
to keep your anger from exploding
I slip into the chair across from you
and spread my hands flat on the table
staring at them instead 
I can feel your eyes boring into me
daring me to make excuses
but of course I have none

Janice Kuykendall
April 7, 2012

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