Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day Four


I am 100 percent fool 
for when I am around you
My tongue becomes clumsy
pushing foolish words
from my silly, smiling lips
I act the fool when you smile
lips, but that I could softly kiss
your teeth like precious pearls
music of the angels when you speak
I am running to pick up the flowers
that fall from your pretty mouth
Happiness is a seat next to you
grabbing the scraps of your words
wolfing them down like a hungry dog
you turn your head and your hair
dark as the midnight sun
falls across your lovely shoulder
in my mind I see my fingers
threading through it silken strands
Yes, I am 100 percent fool
for you don't even know I am alive
You look through me when he enters
The glow from your eyes lights the room
I see love stand between the two of you
a magnet pulling at your hearts
and the love I foolishly hold for you
falls to the cold, hard floor
to shatter like my silly porcelain heart
Yes, I am 100 percent fool

      Janice Kuykendall
      April 4, 2012

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