Monday, April 9, 2012

Day Eight - April PAD


I sling my purse on the table
shrug out of my coat
calling your name
you come to stand
silently at my side
your eyes searching my face
with a question mark look
I pour out the sad tale
of my day sunk in black gloom
the alarm clock failed 
the old water heater decided to quit
cold shower, empty shampoo bottle
frantic search for lost car keys,
only to find them in my coat pocket
tripped and broke the heel of my shoe
on the back step only to behold
a flat tire, and then to add to my woe
a flat spare, trip on the same step
in my rush back in to call a cab
search through my jumbled closet
for another pair of matching shoes
an hour and twenty minutes late to work, 
coffee spilled on my new suit,
the boss shreds my report,
humiliating me in front of everyone
my secretary smirks 
while I dictate a new report
I sputter and spew
while you remain silent
finally I reach to pat your head
and you turn and walk away
your tail defiantly in the air
you pause at your empty food dish
turn, sink down on your belly
placing you head on your paws
with a final disgruntled whine
I sink in the nearest chair 
kick off my tight shoes
remembering why I never wear them
I rip open the crumpled letter 
I retrieved from the floor
where I dropped it and stepped on it
while fumbling for the door keys
I stare, uncomprehending, I read it twice, 
Thank you for your query, however……..

Janice Kuykendall
April 8, 2012

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