Wednesday, April 4, 2012



I knew at once, the delicate pink space
the thin spidery lines, like living black lace 
spreading across the thin parchment 
Even though it had been years
I still knew the slant of her hand
I could see the touch of her fingers
I swear I could even smell her perfume
Her throaty laughter rose from the paper
And pierced my heart, like an arrow from hell
I could see the sweep of her long black hair
as it fell over her pale shoulder
the look in her dark eyes, the amusement
that fell from her full lips as she told me
she didn't love me, had never loved me
I felt the pain anew as my trembling hands
tore open the seal on the thin envelope
she and my only brother whispered in my ear
fool, such a fool, how could you not see
what all others knew, what you knew
but would not see, could not see
Now the thin black letters rose up
and choked my throat with unshed tears
my heart shattered into a million pieces
my brother, my betrayer was dead

                       JANICE KUYKENDALL
                       APRIL 1, 2012

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