Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day Five


Wearily she places her hand upon her rounding tummy
what foolishness convinced her this would work
there was too much distance between them
too many hurtful, harsh words flung in moments of heat
the baby moves away from her probing hands
perhaps sensing her misery 
she had been too young to marry, anyone could see that
now she was saddled with one child and another on the way
there had been a chance, but momma scolded her
a husband and child made you responsible 
too responsible to turn your back and run away
but she had wanted to go, to be anywhere but here
she didn't want this child that burdened her body
a husband worn thin from hard work 
dust and heat that clogged her brain
they told her another child would heal the wounds
wounds they had inflicted on one another
marriage was a holy bond, not to be broken
but she longed for another life, any life 
where she would be young and free
free of cattle, children, dust and heat
and most of all a husband she didn't love
but she would stay until the baby was born
Then she would leave us
my brother, my father and me

           Janice Kuykendall
           April 5, 2012

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